Menschen in Europa

Benefiting both you and your company


Partners for the series

For many well-known companies, sponsoring has become a major element of their public relations and commercial life. An additional means of advertising, it boosts their public awareness and enhances their image. 

So there is no better means of achieving a targeted image transfer than well-placed sponsoring which fits in with your company's image.

Successful sponsoring requires publicity, and thus involves good media work and interesting subjects. 


A worthwhile partnership

Co‐operation – benefiting both you and your company 

Why not benefit from the unique services offered by the MENSCHEN in EUROPA series of the media group Verlagsgruppe Passau? The high‐quality international events which take place each autumn in the fields of politics, commerce, art, culture, youth, church and society are relevant to your target group as well. Your commitment, combined with our expertise: a symbiosis with added value for both of us! 
Many things are inconceivable without sponsoring. Art, culture and other events simply would not, could not take place without the necessary support.

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