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Menschen in Europa

Dear readers,

art knows no native tongue, it explains itself without words. In a united Europe with many different cultures, art is an excellent means of bringing people closer together. This concept led to the initial idea in 1996 to present great artists from the countries in which Mediengruppe Bayern operates at the company’s headquarters in Passau.

Personal commitment, driven for over 25 years by the vision of international understanding, has turned the annual autumn MENSCHEN in EUROPA series of events into a firm component of our corporate philosophy.

Each year, the dialogue with our neighbours and others from further afield transforms our headquarters in Passau into a venue for summit meetings of top-flight international guests from the fields of politics, business, art, culture, church and society as a whole.

Vision, commitment, dialogue: this is MENSCHEN in EUROPA, a forum for international understanding, to which I warmly welcome you.


Angelika Diekmann

Publisher and initiator of MENSCHEN in EUROPA

25 years - best of MENSCHEN in EUROPA

Herzlichen Dank an unsere Kooperationspartner und Förderer 2022!

Profitieren Sie von unseren vielfältigen Möglichkeiten Ihr Unternehmen im Rahmen von MENSCHEN in EUROPA individuell und professionell zu präsentieren.

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